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February 10
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Frozen by superstarwordgirl Frozen by superstarwordgirl
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Thanks for the faves and comments! You guys make me happy!:heart:


What I think of Frozen:

Frozen is one of my most favorite movies ever. They just did such a good job

The ONE AND ONLY thing I wish they would've done differently was, I wish Hans hadn't turned out to be evil. I think it'd have worked well if he had only gotten involved with Anna because he wanted to marry into a better inheritance situation, but if he hadn't turned out to be so set on it that he was willing to murder. I would've liked it if that short little old guy would've been the one to try and kill people. Hans's motives could've been exposed like, say, if he and Anna kissed but it didn't work, and somehow the truth would've come out. Then everyone would've thought he was a jerk, but at least he wouldn't have been evil. (I kinda liked Hans.:shrug:)

But anyway, the movie was perfect. I think it puts a lot of things into perspective even for not kids. You can tell they put a lot of thought into everything. I adored the whole thing.

All the characters.:heart:Loved them all.

I could really go on and on about it.:happybounce:

What I think of my picture:

I spent about two and a half hours working on this- I'm really getting a lot faster with painting now!:dance: As ever, I used my acrylic paints. They make me happy.

I liked Anna's hair like that, so that's how I chose to draw it. Randomly. And I just thought green and branches and stuff would be appropriate for Anna, since she's all big on branching out and growing. Plus, I thought a good background for her side would make sense if it were the opposite of Elsa's side, which, it goes without saying, had to be snowy and wintry.

Oh, haha. So, all the little girls at my daycare LOVEEEEE Frozen, and when we sit and do art together, all they want me to do is draw/teach them to draw Anna and Elsa. Then while we're sitting around drawing away some of them will quietly sing "Let It Go" to themselves, and then raise their voices and sing together. It is the CUTEST thing.:DI love them.:giggle:

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this is beautiful
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I looove this. i wish i could draw like this!!!
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cool, I love them!
This is AMAZING!!! :o
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so beautiful and a great use of colour!
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apsolutely awsome! Great JOB!
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I love the film too! Great work on that pic!

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